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We're just getting going here at WeWest. If you'd like to contact us about our project, please use the form below.

We believe there is more good new music being made every day today than ever before in history.

We're passionate, lifelong music fans that still whack on Nina Simone, The Specials or Daft Punk when the right moment comes but most passionately enjoy the Sound of Right Now: music of the moment made by the diverse and creative talents of our global contemporaries.

Although we'd always encourage people to buy the music of artists they love - and see them live whenever they can - the age of streaming means we can all access more music that we enjoy than it's possible for any one person to stay on top of each day. 

At weWest we aim to share the best new music available on Spotify, Tidal and YouTube from the genres we love every day.

All the music is hand picked, but we're happy to recommend Every Noise at Once as the most exhaustive source of new music out there. The website really is a work of art.


We only use AI for our images: you can find proper graphic designers that also deserve love, respect and support here.


We're based in the West of England but love music from all around the world.


Peace x

Thanks for submitting!

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