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The New Music Show Ep01 - 11/06/24

Discover the best new music from around the world and across the genres with the weWest New Music Show with Joe Williams, including music from 020whitton, A Brief Utopia, Andrea von Kampen, Anjeli, Bare Beats, Bernhard Wünsch, Bobby Noble, Chiara Dubey, Coflo, Dizraeli, Dru Masters, Elderbrook, FaltyDL, Foam and Sand, Gil sm, Hilts, Jinjé, Kerim König, Ledbyher, Leo, Mayuko Miyata, Michael Bird, Millennium Jazz Music, Min Kym, Mindstate, Minka, mustbejohn, Nelson Dialect, NEONE the Wonderer, Nina Hudson, Ok Ewan, OurVinyl, Peter Chilvers, Robot Koch, Scoring Berlin, SWIM, Teresa Bergman, The BAANGBROTHERS, Tomahawk Bang, Tomahawk Bang, Verbz and Your Old Droog.

1. Elderbrook - Shallow Water

2. SWIM - The Ride

3. Gil sm, Hilts, Nina Hudson - Take My Time

4. The BAANGBROTHERS, Coflo, Tomahawk Bang - No Hope For Man Kind

5. Jinjé, A Brief Utopia - We Invisible

6. 020whitton, mustbejohn - g n g's

7. Mindstate, Verbz, Nelson Dialect - Patterns

8. Ok Ewan, Leo - Never Enough

9. Michael Bird, NEONE the Wonderer - Ms. Elusive

10. Ledbyher, Anjeli - WANT, TO

11. Your Old Droog - I Think I Love Her

12. Bobby Noble, Bare Beats, Millennium Jazz Music - Doom In Love (Bare Beats Remix)

13. Dizraeli - Dear Cousin

14. FaltyDL - I Need You

15. Kerim König, Scoring Berlin, Bernhard Wünsch, Mayuko Miyata, Teresa Bergman - Broken

16. Chiara Dubey, Robot Koch, Foam and Sand - Spirit Guide

17. Andrea von Kampen, OurVinyl - Such Love Does (OurVinyl Sessions)

18. Min Kym, Dru Masters, Minka - Queens Gambit

19. Peter Chilvers - Dust Becomes Everything


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